Seafood Feast at CHINATOWN

My Love affair with Seafood is far from over. In fact, it has just started; only this time around it's in a new land. From occasional visits to street hasheries locally acclaimed for serving delish eats, I braved the area of Chinatown for the same objective - a hunt to a mouthwatering smorgasboard of seafood dishes. Prior to my dining experience, must I give Chinatown a pleasing nod to its well maintained dining area. Truly astonished and pleased I was with how clean the food place was kept. Without trying to be mean or offending, it's my first time to dine in a Chinatown less the stinky smell nor the unwanted flies or insects which are sometimes common in an open-air dining set up. I was truly amused to find that fundamental trademark of Singapore even in Chinatown. (Should you think otherwise, I was speaking from what was before me the day I went and it's actually commendable.)
Olde Cuban (BA DAO GUAN) in No. 2 Trengganu St., was our host for lunch in a fine yet very warm afternoon. With the heat enrobing us, we want nothing but good food. Fortunately, our instinct didn't fail us. We stumbled upon sumptuous fare and every morsel we had is a joy to the palate.

Yang chow Fried Rice - tastes like the typical fried rice

Baby Kailan Stir Fried with Minced Garlic - a perfect complement alongside any seafood dish for its light and subtle taste

Steamed Hongkong Style Sea Bass - so fresh and succulent that your mouth will just keep on asking for more, the sauce is mildy soured by plum and lightly spiced with ginger

Crunchy Oat-Fried Prawns - the crunchiness is just right that the shell can also be eaten, creamy and really tasty, the taste of the curry leaf blends well with the oats

Chili Crab - the star of the seafood feast! hot & spicy, creamy, saucy, with a hint of sour, the sauce is undoubtedly finger licking good!

For the scrumptious taste that gives gratifying oomph and gusto, this is simply the place where I want to be.


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