Great Singapore Sale 2010

It's been 3 weeks now since the Great Singapore Sale - GSS was launched island wide. To bargain hunters, seasoned shoppers and shopaholics, GSS can be touted as supreme sale madness. To most of them, this is a much awaited annual event. As others would coin it, it's "the sale that's worth waiting for." Discounts, freebies, promos, rebates and more lure all shopping patrons. You need not head to any specific place just to grab the much coveted savings. Anywhere in the country is on sale!
Be it in the heart of the frisky Orchard Road or Marina Centre or even in the outskirts of the city, great bargain fare abounds. What's more, there are chances of winning in the lucky draws that most shopping malls are giving away. But what could even be more exciting are the special events that coincide with the sale season. There's the Singapore Arts Festival (until June 13), River Festival (June 25 - July 3), Garden Festival (July 15 - 22), Night Festival (July 16 - 17) and the one I'm very much looking forward to - the Food Festival (July 16 - 25). I wonder how the 5 chinese dialects will be mirrored into the dishes. The gourmand in me can hardly wait.
Collectively, staging this kind of event is a very clever pursuit by the Singapore Tourism Board. Having GSS is truly something to emulate in promoting tourism for the country and at the same time in bringing more valuable revenue to the economy.


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