MEDIUM RAW by Anthony Bourdain

The moment I learned that the new book of renowned chef and tv host Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw - A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People who Cook was launched, I immediately phoned the nearest bookstore to reserve a copy. When I finally got hold of it and started to flip through the pages, I simply can't put it down. This is a "meet the real deal of the story" kind of read. Transparent, outright, at some point maybe brutal with some words. But I guess that's the rough side of Bourdain that we all find intriguingly likeable. There's this element of "truth or believability" in his words. A credibility that he earned by sharing his own, deeply rich culinary experiences.
In this book, he shares with us the same personality we learned to love in the tube. He also walks us through the world of chefs and other food celebrities. There might be varying opinions on how Bourdain tackles the core of Food Shows. At any rate, it provides a provocative yet fascinating peek to what's inside the world of food and the people who cook. That's why it's called a bloody valentine.


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