I keep on coming back to this XO Seafood restaurant in Clementi West for a number of times now. If there's one type of resto that I would be more than willing to visit, it's that kind which offers any seafood cuisine. This is precisely one of the major things I'm loving in Singapore. The abundance of seafood dishes is heaven to embrace. Apart from the famous East Cost Seafood Centre that houses a long strip of seafood restaurants, there are hawkers centers or open-air cafes (normally situated on the ground level of HDB buildings) that equally boast of quality seafood treats. Bao Gong XO Fish Head Bee Hoon is considered among the most popular in this category. In terms of ambiance, this is certainly what you see is what you get. But that doesn't necessarily translates to the quality of foods in-store. This is more of getting the value of your money's worth beyond expectation.

Sum Lo Hor Fun - has subtle creaminess, oily in mouthfeel, mild in overall taste, with distinct fish & bean sprouts flavor notes
Prawn Paste Chicken - simply crispy & tasty!

Stir-fry Kailan Vegetables - cooked just to the right tenderness, yummy!

Cereal Prawn - crispy, oily, shrimps were a tad overcooked

Prawn Roll - delish & creamy, plain acceptable
If most of the times we can only regard the dining experience in a certain place by trying it out more than once, I need not consider that for Bao Gong XO. I know at the onset that this unpretentious restaurant is a hit. However, it's likewise far from perfect. There are occasions that the food maybe cooked not to your own liking or preference (i.e. tough texture, too oily mouthfeel etc.). Taste wise, it promises to satisfy and gives that value for money kind of feast. In essence, it still is one dining place deserving of a visit.


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