Ice Kachang and Ice Cendol...the Halo-Halo of Singapore

With the weather increasingly getting hotter and hotter in some parts of Asia (especially the Philippines and Singapore), I'm sure most of us would like to indulge into cold drinks and desserts to chill us a bit. In the Philippines, this is the perfect time for the most common and well loved sweet desserts or snacks - Halo-Halo. While I'm missing my favorite mix of this sweetened shaved ice and glazed fruits, I'm delighted to find an alternative here in Singapore.

Ice Kachang and Ice Cendol are among the popular choices for Singapore's own version. Ice Kachang has sweet corn and red mongo beans as major ingredients whereas Ice Cendol has green gelatin -noodle like strands, coconut milk and red mongo beans. Both are sweet and refreshing. But I still missed the richness of our Halo-Halo back home, especially that of Razon's or Kabigting's in Pampanga.


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