Must See and Do in Singapore - Top Destinations & Sights

With a land property of 710.3 sq km and home to nearly 5 million people, Singapore is indeed one of the smallest nations in the world. But don't let its size deceive you because there are so much more to see and explore in this very diverse country. In fact, it could be for this reason that it is largely becoming a favorite tourist destination in Asia. After a good many travels to the lion city and then finally relocating, I must confess that I've started to appreciate the country even more. Now, I even have my personal list of the must visit places here. Some friends and relatives started asking me of this inquiry so I decided to come up with a reference that can be a traveler's guide as well. Herewith are my top picks worthy of a visit in the island city-state:

1. SENTOSA - this is the island that's truly a pride of Singapore. Visiting this place is a complete adventure to be had. Actually, a day is not enough to explore it completely. The choice of attractions will depend on the kind of adventure you like and the company you are with. Among the popular though are Underwaterworld, Songs of the Sea, Imbiah Look Out, Siloso and Palawan Beach and Butterfly Park. For the more daring ones, the Megazip Adventure Park awaits you.
2. RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA and 3. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE - these are the newly opened and hottest attractions in town. The buzz has it that RWS is in close competition now to the popularity of the famous shopping district - Orchard Rd. For the casino afficionados and for the thrill seekers, these are the fitting choices. RWS claims to offer a multi-resort experience however, it's not yet 100% completed at the moment.

4. JURONG BIRD PARK - I've never seen an aviary as diversed and colourful as Singapore's Jurong Bird Park. This is the place that is guaranteed to delight kids and kids at heart. I was really enchanted by this place.

5. SINGAPORE ZOO - the zoological garden that is known to be the best yet in the whole world. Refer to previous post here for our own account of the experience. This is 2 thumbs up for me.

6. NIGHT SAFARI - a one of a kind experience that's how I would best describe visiting this place. This is definitely must try!

7. SINGAPORE FLYER - the best way to indulge into a panoramic view of the entire city. Refer to previous post here for more.

8. CLARKE QUAY - the most popular wharf in Singapore to spend a much needed leisure treat. In the morning, it is home to a calming stroll and boat ride. In the evening, it transforms into a bustling hub for nightlife. The quay is teeming with interesting restaurants and bars. The famous Jumbo Seafood for a taste of the quintessential "chili crab" can be found here.

8. MERLION PARK - you've never been to SG if you never set foot and posed to this towering landmark. More so, the stunning view of the Esplanade and the fast rising Marina Sands (another new Casino Park) are more than enough reasons to be here.

10. CHINESE GARDEN - another appeasing sight to see. Refer to previous post here to know more.

With all these choices, now tell me, is Singapore really that small for a wandering tourist?


i♥pinkc00kies said…
SIngapore is defnitely one of my fave vacation spots!!

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