Seafood Noodle Hot Pot (Steamboat)

While I still couldn't get enough of the fun I had for hosting PPN last week, it's that time of the week again for it. This week's round up is being hosted by Ruth of Once Upon A Feast. I wonder what the pasta geniuses have brought at the table this time? As for me, I'm having something traditional, quick fix and in a way healthy. Among the first things that enticed me upon relocating to Singapore is the opulence of hotpot dishes. For a lot of reasons, it became a favorite dish at our new home. Primary to that, it's so easy to make and this is the kind of dish that actually gives you enough liberation in as far as cooking and ingredients to use are concerned. Also, it's a food for sharing ergo, great doses of laughters and stories can be thrown in while savoring it.

Making a hotpot can lead you to different options. You may have meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, herbs, spices all at the same time. The possibilities are literally endless. For this particular version, I used seafood and vegetables.
Seafood Noodle Hot Pot
1 med sized onion - chopped
4 cloves garlic - chopped
1 1/2 tbsp julienne ginger
1 pc ikan bilis broth cubes
3 tbsps canola oil
250 g prawns
100 - 200 g scallops
squid balls (amount to your liking)
crabsticks (amount to your liking)
cabbage or any green leafy vegetables
1 small pack of enokitake mushrooms
chopped spring onion or coriander leaf for garnish
300 g udon noodles
4 - 5 cups of water
How to make:
In a metal pot, saute onion, garlic and ginger in canola oil until fragrant. Add in ikan bilis broth cubes and allow to melt. Add water and let it boil. Add in all seafood ingredients, mushroom and noodles. Simmer for 2 -3 minutes. Add leafy vegetables and spring onion / coriander. Stir well and serve immediately.


Ruth Daniels said…
Great looking bowl of nourishment. I need some right now.

Thanks for sharing with PPN and thanks again for a great job of hosting last week's roundup.
Joanne said…
I love hotpot! What a great mix of ingredients you put in yours.
tigerfish said…
Singapore can't beat Taiwan in the number and variety of hotpot offered! But I do like "everything in the pot" at home. If the ingredients are right, the soup can be very tasty.
Cynthia said…
I love hot pot! Looking at this has now made me crave a yummy night of seafood hot pot! Great entry!
Anonymous said…
i find it very hard to eat steamboat here in singapore.. masyadong mainit

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