Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant

Together with some colleagues at work, we visited a Korean restaurant in Pasir Panjang for a quest to a good tasting Beef Galbisal. It's a grilled dish that's typically non-marinated and uses boneless meat. Thus, it's pure beef taste to be had. What always fascinates me about Korean dining is the literally numerous side dishes and appetizers being served. It seemed like the table is always not enough to hold everything all at the same time. This is the real definition of bounty!

There's nothing so special about Beef Galbisal in as far as the profile of the dish is concerned. It's pretty straightforward - beef meat. Needless to say, the quality of the beef meat is key for this grilled dish. I would still prefer the Beef Bulgogi though a hundred times over.

Kimchi Pancake is simply awesome! Hot and spicy, tasty and addicting just like the Kimchi soup. These are good choices for the lover of fiery foods.

Ginseng Chicken is a comforting dish to have. Light, creamy with a very subtle aftertaste of spices and herbs.

Pumpkin Soup - this is sooooo sweet. It can be regarded as a dessert rather than a soup appetizer.

Greens and lots and lots of greens! This is what is genuine of Korean Cuisine. It's such a healthy diet to take.
On the whole, what actually caught us from this Korean dining experience in Singapore is this.... We were just so amazed on the technology behind it.

Generally, this was a good first korean dining experience but certainly not the best yet. Food wise, I think there are still more in the menu to explore.

**Credits to Irene Chong for the photos and video


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