Kung Fu Panda (It's worth Believing)

It was my kids’ first official movie night out together. Was I glad it happened to be with Kung Fu Panda by Dream Works? Clearly, seeing them so excited to catch the film was great enough for me. In watching the film, their excitement turned into giggles and snorts. Not too long, I came to realize I was already joining them with my own laugh. Ah, this movie really tickled us. Po, the Panda and the major character of this film, was so amusing and entertaining. This gave me no surprise; it was a Jack Black movie by the way. I can see the comic Black in Po’s character. I can even imagine his laughable antics as he voice act the big Panda. Don't you think the belly mirrors of him?
Kung Fu Panda is an animated film about dreaming and believing. The general theme evolves on living a dream and realizing it. There is no secret to anything you just have to believe. This is a story with inspiring characters. There is nothing new with the lessons that need to be learned about but is vital for adults to be reminded of and for kids to be taught of. As Oogway (the Master of all characters) had said it, we keep on thinking about what was and what will be. But we should regard yesterday as history and tomorrow a mystery. Today, as gift that’s why it’s called a present. Truly, we have to seize the day! Live it like it’s our last and the memories we have to get, the best of all times!
I have to agree with some reviews that the cinematic experience of Kung Fu Panda is far better than any other Dream Works movie like Shrek. Great scenery is presented here. The actors that were chosen to give life to the animated characters were all credible. Even though I was not a Kung Fu fan, I did like this movie. For the most part, it did not actually disappoint.


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