Best Food Kiosks

People frequent shopping malls these days not only to shop but likewise to look for some real good finds of food. Here are my top 10 pick for the Best Food Kiosks at the mall:

1. Connie’s Kitchen – This will be well loved by dips and pinoy gourmet foods aficionados. My favourites are pesto, kesong puti, feta cheese in olive oil, pesto and sun dried tomato, gourmet dulong, and so on and so forth. Believe me, there’s just more to my preferred list. If you don’t have the luxury of time preparing all these delectable range or you plainly don’t have any recipe of any of these, Connie’s Kitchen provides the solution.

2. Bravo Dips and Sauces – Compared to Connie’s, this kiosk pride itself on red based sauces and dips as well as salad dressings. It has another extensive range of sauces that will harmonize your pasta, bread, crackers or biscuits. Also, their salad dressings and vinaigrette are must try! In fact, some are already party favourites.

3. Mary Grace Homemade Ensaymadas – Their ensaymada and cheese rolls are simply superb! With the right softness, melt in the mouth texture; you’ll keep craving for more. They’ve got great selection of all natural, baked goodies. From cakes to classic squares and chiffon, there are really so much to choose from. This is so far the best pick under this category and perhaps a fitting example of “quality for money” kind of product.
A fine proof that it’s getting a good following is the birth of its cafe-restaurant business under the name Cafe Mary Grace. We’ve seen two branches already, one in Serendra and another in Trinoma.

4. Hoops Doughnuts – Even with the presence of the much hyped Krispy Creme and Go Nuts Donuts, I would still prefer to have Hoops doughnuts from time to time. Yes, undoubtedly Krispy Creme has that “to sin for” texture and bite while Go Nuts Donuts has that “to watch out for” newbies now and again. But still, I feel that Hoops has the ”less guilt” attributes which are of prime importance these days. It’s less sweet and the texture is also soft, very kid friendly. It might not have that very sophisticated flavour profiles but sometimes, it’s just what you needed.

5. Tita Lynn’s Flavored Suman – Who would have thought that Filipino’s favourite “kakanin” (native rice delicacy) - suman, can be flavoured now? There’s Ube, Langka, Mais-macapuno, Chocolate, Mango, Macapuno, Tsoko Twirl and Cocomas-latik. There’s even a sugar free for those on the look out for their blood sugar level. It only shows that there’s actually no room for a food to become boring! A piece of this novelty will cost you P25 and P240 for a dozen.

6. Waffle time – There are so many waffle kiosks that were born recently and the numbers keep growing. But I think this will surely outweigh the rest. I personally like its balanced overall taste, with just the right sweetness and texture. It’s neither bready nor yeasty plus the creamy aftertaste that rounds the whole pleasing experience of having it, just my right kind of waffle!

7. Big Chill – This is my pick for a refreshing, luscious, fruit shakes! Best anytime of day, any kind of weather.

8. FIC – Fruits in Ice Cream – I come by at this food kiosk whenever I crave for a better mouth feel ice cream. The distinguishing characteristic of this ice cream from the commercial ones and supermarket types is its smoother, finer, richer texture. Probably it can be attributed to the higher fat content and less of that “over run” / “airy” character that most commercial brands hold. Apart from that, innovative and more exciting flavours await ice cream lovers in this stall. I’m a big fan of their green tea.

9. Aloi – If you’re wanting for Thai’s well loved snacks and novelties, this is the Kiosk to visit. From sweets to savoury to hot and spicy, name it they have it!

10. Mr. Taho (in Alabang Town Center) – The kiosk that carries an increasingly popular healthy fare – Tofu and Taho (soft soy bean curd)! Pick your finest option from fried, stuffed and steamed consumed with plain syrup or flavoured. Just another “good for you” to eat!


Anonymous said…
i like mary grace, tita lynn's flavored suman and the taho stalls in malls too!! my fave food stalls right now is holy kettle corn and chef tony's popcorn! :D

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