Blogging History told

Sixty three posts in 4 months and 8 days for a blog entitled Our Taste of Life. This is pretty much good already but I would still consider myself new in this world of blogging and this blog I'm maintaining, still at its infant stage. Am I enjoying it? Well, the fact that this post was created need I answer more? The question now really is where is this blog taking me? Yes, writing for a blog is sometimes tiring, taxing, time consuming what more for a working mom like me? It's like having another baby and another work to take care of. It needs to be fed frequently at most daily. It needs to be nourished and loved at the same time.
But how was Our Taste of Life created? It all started with a simple online search for some things our family loves: new foods to try; best restaurant for a special occasion; nice places to visit; great recipes to cook and so on and so forth. Sometimes, I get lucky I find exactly what I needed but more often than not it's just an exhausting page-browsing experience to no avail (real sigh!). So I thought, how many persons encountered this same experience and had the same "how I wish there was" remarks? Due to blogs' increasing popularity nowadays, it seemed to be the perfect venue to journal such needs. Besides, who else do not make an internet click these days? It's the most readily available, within hands reach highway of information. Coupled with the excitement to keep special family moments and milestones for our kids to enjoy and peruse in the future, I was more inspired and got sufficient reasons to create one. Before I know it, I was already browsing through the available domain hosts, learning html codes and widgets etc. And as they usually say it, the rest is history.

Again, where is blogging taking me? Do I have plans of monetizing this site? Yeah, why not? But I haven't got the time to seriously explore on it. I have taken the initial steps but not yet in the earning mode. Honestly, I never thought it would be as enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching pursuit such as this. To feel happy in knowing that there are actuallly people reading my posts and looking forward to them each day is an understatement. Learning that this blog's readership is slowly building up is more than enough reason to keep me going. Hence, to those who have appreciated it, thank you! For those who have just learned about it, read more and enjoy, have our taste of life.


ALiNe said…
keep it up Sherra. Cheers!
Sherra said…
Thanks much for visiting Aline! :-)

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