CHOCOLATE (what we ought to know about it)

In a poll on what food people will likely indulge into, perhaps it will be Chocolate that will win the ballot. Don’t you think so? It’s considered the single most eaten food in the whole world in all stages of life. It is loved by a lot of people for so many reasons. Foremost to that is because we find pleasure in eating it. In fact, the book on Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use by C. NUTTALL stated that "through taste and texture there is probably no other product that gives so much enjoyment to so many individuals in so many countries except for Chocolate. Generally, Chocolate and sweets bring color and excitement into everyday lives and throughout adult life continues to symbolize gaiety, festivity and goodwill." Although it's hardly eaten on mealtimes, chocolate may provide an immediate source of energy anytime we need it. It can be the quickest and convenient alternative due to its small pack size, it's handy, can be eaten everywhere and any time at all. Other than taste and pleasure, we heart chocolate for some physical and emotive reasons. Do you recognize how chocolate transmit our feelings such as love, affection, gratitude and hospitality to the people we care about? Be it a celebration of love on Valentine's Day, a celebration of parenthood on Mother's Day and Father's Day or just a simple visit to a friend or dear ones, Chocolate is a valued gift.
But what other good do we get from Chocolate? Apart from pleasure, both macro and micro nutrients are packed in this tempting goodie. A typical "milk chocolate bar" will have carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all essential for human health. These are all provided by the ingredients that make up the chocolate. The most common of which are milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar or glucose syrup, vegetable fat (cocoa butter), nuts, fruits, flavors and colours. Thus far, although eaten largely for pleasure or as a convenient snack, chocolate does contain some vital nutrients. However, it's also not spared from some form of criticisms. It's for the same substances that it's often linked to hyperactivity, obesity, addiction and dental problems. But then again, countless times I've heard on the remarks that other than mother's milk, no other food contains all the nutrients in the right balance. Therefore, there are actually no good or bad foods, only good or bad diets. Any imbalance of nutrients in our body will result to real bad ailments. So you may indulge to your heart’s desire, but don’t you think to indulge responsibly is a wiser alternative?


Lynn said…
It's satisfying to note that chocolates do have their nutrient values. I tend to read the content at the back of the packaging. :) And I guess the key too is to take everything in moderation.
Anonymous said…
certified chocoholic here!!

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