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After attending the AFEX 2007 in its opening day, an industry colleague invited us for a snack at the nearby Mall of Asia (MOA). As most Mall enthusiasts know, MOA boasts of vast food establishments that it's simply difficult to decide where to dine at any given time. What more with our already aching feet due to more than 4 hours of roaming around booths in the Food Expo? Thus, we just decided on the closest resto that our eyes have spotted. So Cheesecake Cafe, it was!
Being a part of the Cheesecake etc. company, without a doubt this is the place to be for cheesecake indulgence. But wait, this resto is up for more. Since it's a Cafe it has extended its repertoire to pasta, salad and coffee drinks among others. It has a typical ambiance of a cafe with an accomodating service. However, I've got mixed reviews of their food.

Sadly, the pastas are plain so-so. Just acceptable, okay to try but not something you will order again the next time you visit.

The salad is something you can easily prepare at home. There's nothing special in the dressing but at least good enough to start with.

Fresh green salad with choice of caesar or balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

This Mango Passion Cheesecake is a little airy flavored with fresh mango puree. You would savor the presentation more than its taste.

Perfect combination of fresh strawberries and tangy raspberries so the menu states. But where are the real fruits? It's just another average cheesecake. Still, nothing beats Italiani's Strawberry Cheesecake.

House specialty! Velvety smooth cheesecake on graham crumb base topped with sweet and sour cream mixture. This one, I'll keep coming back for more! The sweet and sour notes blend so well and the creaminess is just right. More of this kind please.

Amareto cream, chopped chocolate and cashew nuts, encased in a tender nut cake, lavished with white chocolate ganache. This one is truly regrettable! Too waxy and there's this soapy / rancid character noted either from the nuts or the chopped chocolote. The product presentation will not in anyway save its not so good taste.


docchef said…
just my taste...
i nver like the cheesecake here... i still prefer Claudette's :)

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