River Hong Bao 2012

It was my first time to witness a River Hong Bao. Although clueless, I got interested on what this chinese tradition is all about. Upon seeing the ads from the local paper, I was more than encouraged to pay it a visit. Apparently, it is the biggest Chinese New Year Carnival in Singapore usually staged at the floating platform in Marina Bay. It's a gleaming entertainment venue filled with numerous activities, lantern and handicrafts exhibits and a food street for all wandering palates.

The colorful and brightly lit giant lanterns are the highlights of the event. Each symbolizing a significant meaning that relates to power, wealth, prosperity and all other good things that we must have in life.

 The must haves in any carnival - Foods..

 All the animals in the Lunar calendar are represented through the giant lanterns...

 The Martial God of Wealth

The welcome arch that says - "There is an old saying, once you enter the dragon gate, your reputation increases ten-fold."

Notice the crafted dragons climbing upwards

For those people who would like to reconnect to the Chinese New Year traditions, River Hong Bao is a fitting place. For spectators like me, it was a good orientation to the ever intriguing Chinese culture.


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