Din Tai Fung at Baits, Resorts World Sentosa

I can no longer count the number of visits we had at Din Tai Fung. Just when I thought that our first dining experience wouldn't yield to any future visits (since I felt that the Singapore branches were way inferior compared to the original outlets in Taiwan), it turned out to be the opposite. On occasions when we cannot simply decide on where to dine, Din Tai Fung becomes the default restaurant for my family. Perhaps, because navigating through its menu is as easy as one, two, three. Aside from that, the foods on offer are more than just filling and satisfying but affordable too. However, at one time or another satiation still strikes. Thus, it's a relief that there's a sister branch located in Resorts World Sentosa where you can find more than just the usual foods that a Din Tai Fung outlet normally offers. There are other good stuffs here like the Egg Crusted Fried Chicken and some local favorites such as Hainanese Chicken Rice. So if you feel like extending your dim sum repertoire and Din Tai Fung is at the top of your mind, you can head to the Resorts World Sentosa branch for a delightful alternative.
 Fried Rice with Porkchop

 Pork Xiao Long Bao

 Egg Crusted Fried Chicken

 Fried Rice with Pork

 Wanton Noodles
Shrimp Dumpling

Din Tai Fung @ Baits
The Forum Level 1
Resorts World Sentosa
Operating hours:Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sat, Sun & Eve of PH: 10:00am - 12:00am


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