Ebisboshi Shotengai - A Japanese Food District

Whenever I'm  asked on what's my favorite cuisine, without a blink of an eye, my answer is always Japanese.  Just like how I described it in my previous post, Japanese cuisine is subtle yet sophisticated, light yet rich, elegant yet simple. Japanese food is something to emulate but hardly equaled. It exudes paramount freshness and elegance. My liking for anything distinctly Japanese was somehow translated to my kids as well. Now, when you ask them where they want to eat out, almost always the answer will be a Japanese restaurant. For that, we were challenged to continuously hunt for new discoveries to break the satiation from visiting the same restaurant over and over again. That's why we were so happy that we discovered a new dining place in Great World City that houses everything we liked about Japanese food.

Ebisboshi Shotengai  is considered  a food district that carries three house brands featuring different japanese dishes - Uomasa, Bishamon and Bentendo. Foods that range from seafood to noodles and pasta to enormous cooked dishes are all on offer. The choices are varied. I'll let the food shots below speak for a nice dining experience that we had. For sure, we will be coming back for more.

Big servings of California Maki

Caesar Salad

Sushi Kids Meal

Pork Tonkotsu Set

Chicken Teriyaki Kids Meal

 Seafood Ramen



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