Todai Restaurant Revisited : Unlimited Steak

I won 2 weekday lunch vouchers at Todai's lucky draw and consumed it last Vesak Day. Apparently, since it's a holiday, the restaurant was having a full spread (i.e. weekend's repertoire). Hence, I need to pay an additional S$16 per person together with the free vouchers. When I learned that the current promotion is a "Steak All You Can", I didn't have second thoughts in paying for the extra.

Depending on your own liking, the acceptability of the meat's texture may vary. As for me, Todai cooked it just right. Their "special sauce" defined the overall taste of the steak. It added a likeable dimension to the meat. I only have but one comment, there's a slightly bitter after taste which probably due to some burnt stuff that got stuck into the griller. Otherwise, the general taste is acceptable.

Apart from Steak being the main attraction for the month of May, the following choices of food are also on offer. However, the free flowing korean strawberries are no longer included in the dessert selection.


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