Long Grain Thai Restaurant (South Jakarta)

On our first night in Jakarta, me and my colleagues went to Plaza Senayan Shopping Centre for dinner. The choices of restaurants inside the mall are quite limited. Since we have a Thai colleague with us, we ended up in Long Grain Restaurant. The menu initially caught my atttention as it's presented in a cook book style. As I perused it, it's like browsing through a typical cook book with good food shots. The food here generally tastes good. Almost all that we've ordered were consumed with much gusto. Some however, were slightly far from being authetic as told by our Thai colleague. Nonetheless, it'll keep you filled and gastronomically satisfied.
Chicken in Pandan Leaf

Hofan Noodles with Shrimps & Vegetables

Hot & Spicy Chicken with Basil Leaves

Crispy Prawn Cake


Fried Fish with Sweet Chili Sauce

Cassava with Coconut Cream

Mango with Sticky Rice


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