Mother's Day Buffet @ Sheraton Towers

There's actually one more reason to celebrate this day apart from Mother's Day. It's my blog's 4th year anniversary!! It's been four years of sumptuous blogging experience and it's really amazing to be counting on the days of Our Taste of Life from the past, to present and the future. I am thankful to all the people who have shared with my foodie journey on this humble abode. Your continued support keeps me going and dreaming for something bigger and better for Our Taste of Life.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we perused a number of Singapore blog posts and the book Singapore's Best Restaurants 2011 to find a place to dine. We've narrowed down our choices to Aquamarine of Marina Mandarin Hotel, The Line of Shangrila Hotel and the Dining Room of Sheraton Towers. We received a lot of not so good reviews from colleagues and friends on The Line, so we immediately dropped it off the list. So off we went to our first choice at Aquamarine. Apparently, the restaurant was well known for staging a nice seafood on ice spread and that's the primary reason why we put it on first option. Lo and behold, beyond dismayed and disappointed we were when we saw what's on offer for the Mother's Day Buffet. The seafood on ice selection was nowhere to be found. Choices are generally limited. Hence, we didn't have second thoughts from backing out. We headed instead to the Sheraton Towers since I've already tried it once and I know that they serve cold seafood there.

Sheraton's The Dining Room was rated 8 in Tatler's Singapore Best Restaurants 2011. (However, I would rate it less than that). Based on my recent visit, I would commend the relaxing and serence ambiance inside the restaurant. In terms of food selection and quality, it's almost at par with Melt the World Cafe of Mandarin Oriental (personally, I would prefer the later though). I won't fancy much the whole selection but there are few items that will leave you quite satisfied. Among them are the following:

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel; 39 Scotts Road Singapore; Phone No. : (65) 6737 6888


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