Famous Amos Cookies

It's been a long while since I had a real, good tasting cookies. The kind that's finger licking good to the tiniest of the crumbs. A lot of household names had evolved in making their own cookies world recognized. Among the leading ones are Mrs. Fields and the commercial brands Oreo and Chips Ahoy. Each of these brands had established its own standards of how a cookie (or a chocolate cookie for that matter) should taste like. But what exactly defines a best tasting cookie? The ingredients in making cookies are no secret and very basic. Similarly, the manner it is being prepared and baked is widely written. But how come we get to see a lot of variations in quality and each claiming its own unique selling point? In as far as taste and liking are concerned, I would say this is the one thing that's specific to a person. As for me, I'm particular to the sweetness level, the crunch and the overall taste appeal of a cookie. I'm very partial to the type that exhibits a short-crispy bite but melts in the mouth when completely eaten. I was wowed to find these likeable attributes in Singapore's Famous Amos.

When I had my first bite of this "oh-so-licious" cookies, I know I would never stop craving for more. Just like any other cookie though, it tends to be too sweet when you have munched for more. Hence, a hot tea would perfectly complement to balance it out. I tried the best sellers and I never doubted why they were so.


[pinkc00kies] said…
i remember buying from Famous Amos when we went to Kuala Lumpur in December 2008! uber yummy.. tempting yung smell everytime you pass by their stalls.

Sana meron din dito sa Manila.
Anonymous said…
just took my first bite on this famous amos' cookie here in singapore...and it really made me wowed and now i'm cravin' for it!...gonna miss this cookie when i go back to manila...i was browsing for it in the net if they have any branch in the philippines,particularly in manila...but then, they don't have any...=((
hope they would put the very first FAMOUS AMOS in manila...i know that it will gonna "boom" like here in singapore..knowing filipinos of having a "sweet tooth"..=)

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