PASTA PARTY right here @ Our Taste of Life

I'm truly elated with the current traffic report and visitor hits the blog is getting. Thank you to everyone for all your unwavering support to the site. The jump in the statistics is just beyond my expectations. And as I relish hefty servings of such inspirations, one big happening is yet to come in Our Taste of Life. I'm hosting this week's PPN - Presto Pasta Night! Thank you to Ruth Daniels for this delightful opportunity.
I'm inviting everyone to partake in this week's pasta celebration. Check out the mechanics on how to join here. If you would like to have a peek on how it's usually held, hop on to the previous round ups made by innovative foodies around the world. Make sure to turn in your dish by Friday (Mar 26, 2010) the latest (Asian time). I'm looking forward to meet your dishes at the table. See you then!


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