Chinese Garden

I still can't get used to the extreme, at times bizzare weather that Singapore has. It's hardly predictable. One moment you're sweating excessively and the next, you're running hurriedly from the raging rain. It's how it was when we spent a leisure weekend in one of the country's most relaxing retreats - the Chinese Garden (also known as Jurong Garden). Though the weather was unfavorable for a relaxing visit, we still managed to get a few good shots and enjoyed the scenery prior to a heavy downpour. Welcoming us near the entrance gate of the garden is a 7-storey pagoda that beautifuly sits on a small hill. It exudes an admirable Chinese architecture that never fails to amaze me whenever I see one. Roaming around adorable landscapes, you'll find statues of great Chinese political leaders like Confucius.

There are also enchanting stoneboat and pavilions which complete the traditional feature of Chinese gardening art.

Apart from that, a Japanese Garden is built in the other half of the area. I was brought back in time to a memorable stay in Japan when I saw the Bonsai Garden. It's downright sublime.

With so many things to do and appreciate, Chinese Garden is another picturesque and calming spot that's definitely worth a visit. It's a fitting choice for bonding activities with friends and families. Be it a simple afternoon picnic, a morning exercise or just plain leisure walk this is the perfect place to be!


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