Our Taste of Life now in an Online Magazine Platform!

Hear ye, hear ye! Finally, after several restless days and sleepless nights, the first ever Our Taste of Life Online Magazine is out now! I couldn't be happier that it's already finished and published. This is another endeavour that's worth taking, knowing that there are people who will be inspired by it. Just a few days after publishing the magazine, I was overwhelmed with kind words and good feedbacks from friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even from my publisher - Glossi. Your sweet words definitely keep me going. I hope to be able to bring in more interesting reads and more glorious food sights in the next editions. For now, enjoy the premier edition and have a fun read!

http://glossi.com/sherra/31257-our-taste-of-life" target="_blank">http://glossi.com/embed/cover-img/31257/media/3c15365cdd734b07a55f2511df9fefc1vNZZbz.png

http://glossi.com/sherra/31257-our-taste-of-life Click to view Our Taste Of Life on GLOSSI.COM


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