Going Peranakan at Dulu Kala

Owing to the country's rich culture and history, Peranakan cuisine is one of the most popular and well-loved cuisines in Singapore. The inter-marriage of Chinese and Malays and to some extent Indonesians, brought one of the most respected cuisines in Asia. This union gave us the melding of Chinese ingredients with Malays' use of aromatic spices, herbs and genuine cooking techniques. And then we all know, it resulted to dishes that are something to be had.
There are a number of Peranakan or Nonya Restaurants in Singapore. I've already tried a few and I must admit that most really do not disappoint. A Malaysian colleague recommended Dulu Kala as another must try Peranakan restaurant. So off, I went to see it for myself.  
Perusing the menu of Dulu Kala, one is promised with "authentic, home cooked Peranakan dishes". And in all fairness, they did try to adhere to this claim.
Asam Fish Head -  this is really good! The sour and spicy notes are well balanced in the dish. It has a very nice cooked tamarind taste.
 Spicy Shrimps - nothing extraordinary but it's also acceptable
Stir-fried Lady Fingers - a good accompaniment to spicy dishes. It helps wash out some carry-over hotness from the chili.
 Sambal Belacan - the fiery chili sauce that goes with any dish
Ayam Buah Keluak - this is the main star for me. I won't mind coming back to this restaurant just for this. It's creamy, with just the right hotness and mild sour after taste. Apparently, preparing this dish is no easy task. In fact, it's one of the most labour intensive to cook among popular Peranakan foods (find out here). So, for that alone, I am truly in awe how Peranakans concocted their heritage recipes. It's simply amazing!
Bubur Cha Cha - a creamy, sweet, satisfying dessert to end this Nonya food fare.

Dulu Kala
#04-04, Beauty World Centre
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road


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