Christmas Party Potluck

The party season has officially started. How many parties have you been into lately? As for me, I've been to an office potluck party just recently and boy, was I fully stuffed with sinfully delicious home made goodies that can be translated into a parade of international cuisines! Mainly attributed to the multiracial ambiance at work, we feasted on different cuisines from different countries. The experience was actually more than just a delight to the palate. It's beyond sharing different cultures through food. Here are some of the foods that we had. I wish I could have taken better, more stunning shots as well as the rest of the items we had, but I was too busy digging into each of them that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm in trying all the dishes. Besides, I only had my ever reliable iPhone camera at hand. I'm so looking forward to post with my food shots taken through my new EOS. That'll be the bigger "facelift" happening on this blog soon!!

Hongkong : Kailan with Oyster Sauce

Singapore : Baked Chicken Wings

Philippines : Spicy Tuna Pasta Twist

This is the dish that our team prepared. You can check the recipe here but we modified it a bit. Instead of using 3 x 250 ml all purpose cream, we modified it to 2 x 250 ml and added with 1 can of classic condensed cream of mushroom soup.

Thailand : Mango Sticky Rice

Singapore : Localized Western Salad

Singapore / Malaysia : Curry Chicken

Singapore : Roti Jala

Singapore : Yellow Rice

Indonesia : Gado Gado

Singapore : Chicken Kebab

Mexico / Italy : Beef Lasagna

Italy : Tiramisu

We still had some french dishes from our French colleague, it's a pity I was not able to take a snap shot of those. Overall, it sure was a very filling and scrumptious lunch experience. On the other light, it's also inspiring to share each ones culinary skills and creations. 'till next potluck time! =)


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