LAM's Noodles

Since Christmas is nearing, SALE is truly all over the island. Together with some colleagues at work, we visited the CROCS SALE at TradeHub 21. From there, we headed to LAM's Noodles for lunch. Apparently, the food place is known for it's Kung Fu Peking Duck and Abalone Noodles. I opted for the latter since it's a complete meal in itself. Boy, was I overwhelmed for its too fatty taste and mouthfeel! The fermented note is also way too much that I can hardly appreciate the seafood / abalone in the noodles. My palate was coated with too much oil. This is certainly not the kind of food I would recommend to people on a health & wellness regime diet wise.
Upper left : Fried Bread - sweet, tastes like a donut
Upper Right: Fried Fish Skin - crunchy, fatty, sinful but enjoyable
Bottom: Soup - creamy, oily, non descript in taste

Vegetable & Fruit Juice - sweet, greeny, not so refreshing

Abalone Noodles with free Soup

It's been a while since I last explored mid range restaurants around the island estate. And this recent experience prompted me to widen my search for more quality eats.


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