FOUR LEAVES' Coco Exotic Cake

Just for the name alone - Coco Exotic, I'm already intrigued what this popular cake of a local bakeshop has to offer. It was recommended by a colleague many times over. Then, finally my palate found its way to sample a nibble. Rich yet far from overwhelming, chocolatey, medium sweet with a playful texture in mouthfeel, this is how I will describe the exotic element of this cake. This heavenly goodie is made up of layers of chocolate chiffon, mousse, cookies with a wafer like crunch and ganache. It's finished with a few chocolate carvings and red berry on top. It's not supremely to die for dessert or sweets but it's sure is one delectable, luscious treat in its own right. The interplay of the overall taste of the cake with an enjoyable texture or bite made it no less one hot item in the glass shelf.

Coco Exotic


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