Celebrating a Kid's Milestone

It seemed like it was only yesterday that I was laboring through the typical parental worries of sending a child to school the first time. Now, I am battling through the same process again. Only, the subject of my worry is elevated to a notch higher. How can it not be? My kids started a new life in a foreign land ergo, everything has to be learned from square one. The famous cliche said it best, "when in rome, do what the romans do". And apparently, we are no different to that. With my son's initial hesitation to Chinese learning, we, his parents, never forcefully pulled the string to do so. We made our stand the first time and his educators were well informed of that. The element of "pressure" was never and never will be an option at all. I'll let my child test his own water and allow the conditioning process to take its course on its own. I'd rather have him treasure enjoyable learning memories than escape from unwanted school nightmares. In so far as educating our children is concerned, don't we, all parents, wished for that?
Gladly, it did not take long for my son to find his way to appreciate and haul for the new challenge in his life. Before we know it, he's already scribbling words he's earlier hated and alienated from. His hands simply find the courage to go with the contour of it. Way to go Riley! I can never be more proud of this milestone at such a short period of time. This achievement deserves more than just the parental support you needed. Time and again, you will have more in any way we can.


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