Starbucks 2010 Planner

It's a wish granted! After completing 17 coffee stickers, I finally got my Starbucks 2010 Planner. Well, I don't really intend to grab one this year for the reason that the planner 's edition loses its appeal year on year. I believe that the first 2 planners that came out when Starbucks started this annual promo were still the best. Both in look and in functionality. This year, I was encouraged to get one simply because my friend who's working in Starbucks told me that it's only in the Philippines that Starbucks is running such kind of promotion. That means, I can't have something like this in Singapore. When I flipped through the pages of what's inside the much coveted and famous coffee planner, I can't help but wish for more stuffs to be included in the pages. It's really just a plain planner that one can expect. I wish there are some note pages as well. The quality of the paper is nice though.


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