The Best of Singapore (Part 1 of 3)

We're back from our recent trip to Singapore. I must say that much has changed and progressed in the Lion City since the last time I visited there. To a great deal of delight, the country has a lot of new things to offer. The Singapore Flyer for instance and the Hop on Hop Off - Duck Tours were another must try experiences. What with the opening of the Universal Studios by January 2010? Indeed, Singapore never ceases to amaze its locals and tourists alike. The country definitely has always something new. That's why undoubtedly; no country is too small to dream big. I've seen this realized from everywhere I've looked in Singapore. But before we can have a taste of any of their new offerings, we feasted on what's available at the moment. So for this photo essay of our Singapore Trip, I tried to capture those that we considered are must haves and a pleasure to do.

The first in our list is the Jurong Bird Park. It’s a large habitat for a varied population of aviary. It is the best place to indulge into the colorful world of birds. We enjoyed in high heavens the bird show which is usually slated at 11 in the morning. This is the highlight of the visit. Hence, it's a must that you catch this one when you visit the park. I was taken back in childhood time and it sure was a feel good experience to have.

Next in the list is Singapore Zoo. It is home to a wide array of animals. Wild or tame, name it they have it. We underestimated its vastness so make sure you are armed with a good stamina and highly conditioned feet to do the trails.

Night Safari is being claimed as the first and only in the world. For such a big claim, it makes this attraction a must do when you visit Singapore. No visit to Singapore is complete without having been terrified and enthused at the same time by the Creatures of the Night Show. This animal tour is one good example of a uniquely Singapore experience.


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