Luggage Hunting for the KIDS

When the kids learned that we are visiting Singapore, the first thing that they got so excited about is the luggage. Although pretty much very young, I don’t know where they got the idea of officially owning one. Nonetheless, we spent days looking for the right bag that would suit our budget and quality expectations. We searched a number of popular department stores and travel clubs then finally being able to find what were looking for in SM MOA. We settled for something that’s very affordable (but still of fair quality and not considered disposable), kid friendly (easy to carry and navigate; that which the handle can be easily taken out and does not require pressing) and nice colors that would appeal to their liking. My daughter instantly fell in love with the lavender one.

It would only be days from now to find out if the excitement can be translated to the willingness to carry the luggage when they are filled with stuffs. We'll wait and see :-)


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