Our Taste of Life in Singapore

It seemed like it was only yesterday that we were unpacking and loading new things to a new place, in a new home. Back in 2008 we decided to move in to a new location for the kids to have bigger roaming space and cleaner ambiance. I even made a post about our new-found home here. Lo and behold! Surprise of all the surprises, it never did occur to me that we will be passing through the same experience again at the same time of the year. Only, 2009 speaks of much height. We are moving to a new country!

I’ve been in deep thoughts these past few days and weeks. I’ve been trying so hard to discern the decision that we have just made. It’s going to be life changing for sure. But there’s no doubt in my mind and in my heart that it’s where I would like us to be. So in January 2010 we are definitely moving LAH!

For the second time around, we will be welcoming the New Year in a new place. There are just too many to prepare and arrange - house hunting, school search, culture to learn, rules to know and so on and so forth. How does one really prepare to relocate, much more to a foreign land?! This is the challenge my family is about to take. For those who have been through the same road before, your thoughts and suggestions would be very much welcome.

For now, we will take a quick plunge unto our new environment. The pre-scheduled visit to HK with the kids will again take a back seat for now. Zoos and Botanical gardens will be the must visit spots next month over the happiest place on earth. It still is a mixed feeling at the moment. To my dear readers, in 60 days, Our Taste of Life will be evolving to Our Taste of Life in Singapore. Join us as we embark on new beginnings in our lives. I hope to be still journeying with you as we take on new discoveries and ultimately have a new TASTE of LIFE, the Singapore way!


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