New Year New HOME

We welcomed the year 2009 with so many changes in our lives. Husband and I decided to change gears in as far as our careers are concerned. We both embarked on new beginnings in the food industry. But foremost to the many changes is a new home to enjoy. With the help of books and home magazines, we were able to transform a two storey house into a humble and relaxing abode.

Similar to the previous home, we settled on an Asian inspired decor / interior. Most of the furnitures came from the old house. New accents were added to make a major facelift. Since we wanted it to be Asian in theme, the dominant hues are earth and wood inspired. The kids have history of asthma and allergies, that's why we settled for wooden sofa. This is a lot easier to clean and maintain relative to the cushion type.

Most of the things on display were souvenirs from the neighboring Asian countries (Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and China). I was privileged enough to explore these countries which probably explains for my liking of an Asian themed house. Locally, I prefer stores such as Landmark, Furniture Shops in Tagaytay, SM Homeworld / Our Home and Ace Hardware for a great selection of competitive home goods.

These are actually door curtains from Japan. I tried to transform them into window curtains instead. I love the effect they have on the stairs. They provided a good picture (sort of ambiance) on the way up to the second floor of the house.

This table runner was originally a Thai silk skirt I bought from Phuket, Thailand. Since it has long been resting in the closet, it's time to find a new use to it.

What could be more fun and enjoyable than doing your own decor at home? Yes, it could be tiring and challenging but with an ounce of hardwork and a pound of inspiration, a rewarding home is nothing thorny to have.


It's always fun to re-decorate a house especially your own. Looks great!

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