FaMEALy Day amidst the country's cataclysm

Yesterday was National FaMEALy Day. My husband and I celebrated dinner with the kids with their ever favorite "Lechon Manok and Mango Bravo dessert". As we were partaking in God's bounty, I can't help but stop eating once in a while and feel some guilt within. Here we are in our dining table blissfully sharing a wonderful meal, while a big part of the country is trapped in a catastrophe. Silently resting inside my head were questions on families in the midst of flash flood and who have not eaten yet, parents and children who were separated from one another by the terrifying flash flood and those people who have lost their homes and loved ones. These were certainly not good thoughts to be entertained while at the dining table. But the aftermath of typhoon ONDOY was really too much to bear. I can't even withstand the photos and videos of the news. They were more than heartbreaking and tragic.

Up until now, stories of difficult experiences roam around office tables and group talks. Rebuilding and recovery will take much longer for sure. Needless to say, it is high time to do all our share. Let's help the victims in any way we can. This prayer is for all of us.

Prayer for Civic Responsibility:

Dear Lord,
so often, we have turned our backs to the needs of others
because of our selfishness.
We have failed to the perfection
for which you have created us
because of our unfaithfulness.
Through your mercy, we ask that we may regain
all the graces which we have lost through
our carelessness and folly.

We hope that all others may regain any graces
they have lost through our own fault.
Recognizing that we have sinned through
omission, we hereby consecrate ourselves to you
and pledge participation in those activities,
civic and governmental,
for which we are qualified to lend assistance in the bettering
of conditions and elimination of sufferings
of our neighbors.

We will stand for all just authority,
against violence, and will use proper means
to exercise the talents you have given us
to aid mankind.
Bestow your blessings on all
our government officials so that
they may fulfill their duties and obligations
justly and wisely.



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