Celebrate FaMEALy Day at Home

Last year, together with millions of Filipinos across the globe, we joined in the celebration of Lucky Me!'s advocacy on FaMEALy occasion at home. It was that time of the year where all members of the family were encouraged to go home early to sit at the dining table. The TV campaign shows us clearly how valuable family meal occasions are. In fact, the recent ad is another eye opener - a "cut through" information specially for parents. Like how I mentioned in my previous post, I believe in the value of families eating together. The studies are quite alarming. Suffice it to say, conclusive enough that we must all live this advocacy. Read my previous post here.

Hence, this coming September 28, 2009 (monday), let's all join once again to celebrate FaMEALy Day at home!

Mama & Papa, Mom & Dad, Nanay & Tatay, Itay & Inay, don't forget to dine with the kids on monday night! Because the family that eats together, stays happy forever!


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