David Cook, My Kind of Taste of an Artist

*photo shot of americanidol.com home page

It's been days now since David Cook grabbed the much coveted seventh American Idol title. However, it does look like the Cookie fever is not to die down any soon. I wonder how many people went gaga over this guy, still are and will forever be. Well, truth is, he's taking some space in my blog. So, yes, I'm one of them. I've been an avid viewer (close to being a fan) of what Simon Cowell referred to as "the best" show in the planet, since Fantasia Barrino's crowning moment. But it is only now that American Idol's season finale brought me sheer delight. I was in utter awe that I was prompted to actually made a post about it. There's something in David Cook that makes him the "real deal" idol among other hopefuls. Much have been said about him in and out of the world wide web. He comes in a complete package as they say it. For me, this guy has that talent of magnetizing people through his music. He blew me away with his rendition of "Hello". It cuts through me that I felt like I want to fall in love again. From then on, his music keeps echoing in my ipod and PC speakers. He exudes a special charm that is magnetic, a family loving aura and a man of humility. Yes, Cook is just my kind of taste of an artist. I know he will sizzle because he's steaming with wonderful singing elements spiced with an intriguing yet inspiring character. Congratulations David Cook! Enchant us more with your music hits soon!


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