Fun Ranch (and a Mother's thoughts on Mother's Day)

Fun Ranch recently opened its third play center in Westgate, Alabang. As it says, it is a place where kids definitely rule. For us, this new branch means the fun is now much closer to home. (Hooray for my kids!). Unlike the Pasig Play Center, this one is a little smaller though. It’s not a compound but a building that houses the active fun center, play area, reading area and the Big Red Barn restaurant. This place was our host in celebrating Mother’s day last sunday. My kids surely had a blast in their second Fun Ranch experience. It’s an hour of jump, play, laugh and fun. I got exhausted running around with them, but seeing them having the time of their lives paid me more than enough.
As I watched them play, I can’t help but think down memory lane on how kids amuse themselves during my youngster years. Back then; we do not have giant slides to climb but we have the trees all to ourselves to mount up. We do not have trampolines to jump up and down but we have hammocks (usually made of plastic sacks) tied under the tree to swing at. We do not have air-conditioned playground but we have no less than the open field or grassy land with a breath of fresh air to roam around. We do not have mini laptops neither techi gadgets to get busy with, but we had so much joy with pick up sticks, jackstones, hula hoops, chinese garter, tumbang preso, piko, patintero to name a few. I found myself nodding, indeed time has changed for the kids. Fun and play have evolved differently through the decades. I know generations of today are so much luckier in many ways but there are times that I would wish they can still live our good old days; even just for its simplicity.

Fun Ranch
Westgate, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
1/2 hr - P120
1 hr - P150
1/2 hr extension - P60
Unlimited play - P300
Adult / Yaya - free!
1/2 hr - P140
1 hr - P175
1/2 hr extension - P75
Unlimited play - P350
Adult / Yaya - P125 (non - play)


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