PrimaDeli's Festive Goodies - Fortune Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year is now in the air! I can already feel the festive spirit. With the abundance of all things chinese new year related, truly, there's no more stopping for this important celebration from happening. And among the many icons that characterizes this special occasion, festive goodies are perhaps the most essential of all. Primarily because sharing hefty bites of  good eats with your family and loved ones is just second to none. Hence, procuring chinese delicacies to usher in wealth, happiness and good fortune is very typical in celebrating the tradition. I am always amused with the humongous choices of delicacies on offer during CNY. I'm very fortunate to find one food gem through PrimaDeli's Fortune Pineapple Tarts. I had the opportunity of trying it out and boy, it was simply delicious.

Shaped like a pineapple signifying prosperity and good fortune, the pineapple tart exudes the right amount of sweetness, a lasting creaminess and aromatic pineapple pulp. The soft baked crust is flaky and friendly to the bite. It's a luscious treat in its entirety. I also liked the way it's packaged individually in auspicious red mini pouch. That makes it a perfect gift to give. If you're looking for sweet treats to fill in your basket of festive goodies, it's one scrumptious baked good to take.


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