Haagen-Daazs' Mid Autum Festival Moon Cake Creations

How time flies so fast. The ber months is just around the corner and I can already sense the ambiance of the upcoming holiday season. In Singapore, the festivity has just started with the Mid-Autum Festival. This is the season where mooncakes and other sweet treats abound the island. It's delightful to know that our favorite ice cream - Haagen Daazs came up with mouthwatering moon cake inspired ice cream creations. Available in 4 flavors - Chocolate & Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream and Coffee & Macadamia Nut, these luscious creations undoubtedly gave an innovative twist to the tradional goodie we all look forward to during this time. Imagine layers of various flavors of ice cream with a mango sorbet yolk center coated with a dark chocolate, white chocolate or strawberry paste enticing your palate. That's pure indulgence to high heavens.

If you're more than lured to try this promotion, it will run until 12th of September in all Haagen Daazs outlets with the following prices: 

Gift Set : S$ 32 - S$58++ 
Mooncake (Single)  : S$18
Dine-in Creations : S$18 - S$20++


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