Starhub launched FooD.I.Y. Apps for iPhone and iPad

When we talk about creme de la creme of rosters of popular celebrity chefs, top of mind names that will make it to the list are the likes of Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, Rachel Ray, Rachel Allen, Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Chin and more. Now, picture having the recipes and culinary secrets of these culinary gurus within easy reach? Wouldn't that be a great gastronomic treat?! Thank you to Starhub for coming up with a first, truly brilliant and inspiring food application that will make all food enthusiasts' dreams possible. FooD.I.Y. (pronounced as Food-ee), the first ever "made in Singapore" food application is an extensive international recipe database with localised feature that simply brings the art of cooking to life right in your very own home kitchen. 

It was a privileged to be invited on the FooD.I.Y.'s launch at the Palate Sensations Cooking School. We were treated to an afternoon of mouthwatering food samples and recipes to keep in our culinary bin.  There was a cooking demonstration done by the Executive Chef of Palate Sensations, Chef Charlotte Disidoro while showing the key features of the FooDIY app.

Some of th FooDIY apps highlights are the following:
  • Wide selection of recipes from renowned celebrity chefs compilated from their shows at different Starhub food channels. The recipes will be updated monthly.
  • Step by step video tutorials by the celebrity chef for selected recipes.
  • Detailed ingredients and tools glossary. There will be a description and picture of every ingredient listed as well as recommended substitutes in the event that the ingredient is hard to find in the market.
  • Conversion chart. For quick and easy conversion of ingredients' amounts and parts.  
  • Handy shopping list. This feature allows users to consolidate ingredient requirements from different recipes.

The sumptuous canapes of different chefs were likewise prepared and all were indulging to the palate. For sampling most of them, once you start you simply can't stop. That's how scrumptious these nibbles are. The recipes of these mini delights are all in the FooDIY app.
Jamie's Bruschetta by Jamie Oliver, TLC

Water Melon, Feta Cheese and Mint Mini Skewers by Chef Charlotte Disidoro, Palate Sensations

Crunchy Noodle Salad by Ina Garten, Food Network Asia

Savoury Parmigiano Shortbread Cookies by Chef Charlotte Disidoro, Palate Sensations

Carrot Halva by Bal Arneson, Food Network Asia

Raspberry Swirls by Rachel Allen, BBC Lifestyle
FooDIY download is available for free at iTunes store and I just started navigating it on my iPad. For food aficionados like me, this is a perfect companion and tool. Cooking is so much easier now that everything you need is made available at your fingertips. 


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