Yong Tau Foo - First Comfort Food in 2011

Call it a love at first. That's how I will likened my first encounter with this steaming bowl of healthy greens, seafoods, noodles and tofu. What is there not to like about this dish? I can hardly think of any. I can vouch that this popular soup - Yong Tau Foo is among the must-try local dishes around Singapore. So widely known is the dish that it's nearly impossible not to find a kiosk in most hawker centres and Kopitiams offering it. It's usually eaten either as plain soup or added with your preferred noodles. It can also be opted with the soup on a separate bowl and the rest of the ingredients dry. For the type of soup, there are also different varieties to choose from. If you're like me who prefers to stick to its "healthy appeal", I normally go for the clear broth. Otherwise, there's curry or laksa for the more daring ones. Depending on your appetite or how indulgent you would be, a bowl would cost around S$5 -S$10. If it's less sophistication yet filling and healthy eating is what you're looking for, this is one simple dish that perfectly fits.


Three-Cookies said…
That looks really nutritious, and very green! Yum, very refreshing on a hot day

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