Some of Singapore's Local Foods

From a new resident's point of view, adjusting to the Singapore palate can be regarded as more of an adventure rather than ordeal. It's true that some spice notes typically found in the local foods (like those in Laksa or Curry) can be selective and acquired. But more often than not, the abundance of flavors is always a memorable food discovery. This can be primarily attributed to the multiculturalism of this country that shaped the very diverse repertoire of the national cuisine. Each day that I am having a bite of this cultural-fusion, more and more the taste adjustment leads to a lasting satisfaction. If there's only one challenging taste character left, it's about increasing my level of threshold for hotness. Simply because the local foods are generously drizzled with fiery essence just like the Otak-Otak and Mee Siam. Likewise, there are those that can be downright simple, tasty and not spicy just like the Roasted Pork Rice (photo above). I know that I haven't explored yet even a third of the whole pie of the local foods. But I am taking one bite at a time to savor a lasting experience on top of a delectable treat.

Otak - Otak

Mee Siam


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