Name this Dish Contest Winner

I had a nice time reviewing the entries for this contest. I didn't expect that the dishes will go a long way in as far as naming them is concerned. From "funny sounding" to "lip-smacking tone", I was impressed by the ideas thrown in. Thank you very much to everyone who participated. I hope to have you again in the next Our Taste of Life contest.
I voted for the best name that I think will best describe the dish in all its authenticity. So, without further I do, I'm happy to hand over the P1000 Poquito Mas Gift Certificate to Cookie of Schroochchronicles for winning the 1st price. She gave the names that matched the ideas I have in mind while preparing them. She named the 1st dish, "Eggs Bernardo" (play on Eggs Benedict). Isn't this authentic and with personal touch? What better way to name your dish than having your name attached to it? :-) The 2nd dish, she named it "Pizztini, Pizchetta or Pinoy Pizchetta". What I particularly liked among these three suggestions is "Pizchetta", it's exactly where the dish took off, pizza and bruschetta. Thank you Cookie, for your sensorially fine ideas. With those great suggestions, I am now officially calling my dishes: Eggs Bernardo and BCT (Basil, Cucumber, Tomato) Pizchetta.
Doris of Chronicles of Doritos also made good recommendations with her entry. She called the dishes: ECG (egg-carbs-greens) Salad and Garden Fresh Bruschetta. She's getting a box of personally baked cookies - Chunky Choco-Oatmeal (my favorite these days, I will also include this recipe in my book) for winning 1st runner-up.
Again, congratulations to both winners! I wish you a mouthful of enjoyment with your prices!


Yahoo!! I won!! Thanks Sherra :D

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