A poignant goodbye to the luminous wizard of the imaginary and the real world

The most sought after story of all time, the brilliant modern day epic… the LIFE that became part of everybody’s - young and adults alike, Harry Potter came to its final halt.

Earnestly desired to finish the book within 24 hours or a little more, I failed way too much of my target. Three days of reading the final instalment is reminiscent of the ten years of waiting for the story to be told completely. With all the reviews and “pre-spoilers” thrown left and right through all forms of writing, all the more that I wanted to be over with the book. Perhaps, I have over estimated myself. Concealed by the longing to know the destiny of the boy wizard and his friends; whom I all learned to love and grow with, I have sloppily discounted the fact that there are other knotty roles that I have to take – work, home, kids, etc. that will challenge me in pursuing this goal. At any rate, I reached the 759th page of the “Deathly Hollows” a minute past 2300 hrs of Tuesday. True to what JK Rowling has told in her interviews, “bereavement” was felt in perusing the book. Sad, we will anticipate no more of Harry’s quests and the fate of the magical world at the same time delighted, the questions that had been lingering for years were finally been answered.

Deathly hollows was intensely narrated that I felt the excitement and terror in each turn of the page. It was fascinating to see how the links JK have kept for many years were unfolded smoothly, concluding a remarkable plot. The lives of the major characters such as Dumbledore, Snape, Dobby and Kreacher profoundly surfaced each with a tragic story to tell; the journey for the deathly hallows and the horcruxes happened with a heart-rending impact; the death of more than half a dozen of the characters we knew was too much to behold yet it was a relief that none from Harry’s closest friends suffered the same destiny (which most readers predicted but feared to happen); the realization of the foretold “neither would live while the other survives” drawn such a suspense thrilling experience; and never to be missed the few comical scenes from Ron and the other Weasleys which lightened the tension in the story. These were some of the “must be deciphered” events in book seven.

The last book did not fail its readers with its many surprises. The unfolding of the lives and lies of the most loved wizard Dumbledore, gave a well-meaning realization. Who would have thought that beneath the powerful mind, commanding figure and triumphs of Albus also lays his weakened and challenged emotions? What is more the surprise of all the surprises, the telling of the real Severus Snape bind with his magnificent qualities? He was all along a true “Prince” and the character in the book that probably deserved the most sympathy and respect. The way JK have ended her book is truly magical and this will perhaps earn a great deal of applause especially from the children.

Harry’s life transfigured not only in the pages of all seven books but also in the realm of humankind so much so that it’s effect touched the human heart. His story speaks of all shapes of feelings, of wants and desires. From pain, greed, anguish, hatred and revenge to love, friendship and hope. The tale of Harry Potter probably have ended in printing but the memories and the experience definitely left a “mark” in the lives of all those who journey with him, me included. I can hardly wait for the moment when I will read and share this same journey with my kids, and that I believe will be the next exciting series for me.


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