The Improving DON HENRICO'S

Summer Salad (P198), light, healthy and truly appetizing. There's no better way to start a good meal. Thanks to Don Henrico's for continuously improving their menu. It's enough reason to always come back. There was a time, that we got satiated with their salads because we already tasted everything and we're really craving for something new. It's nice to know they're putting some innovations to keep their customers. I guess it's a must for any type of business. Also, they now offer lunch buffets on tuesdays and wednesdays. This is sure-fire, crowd inviting promo!

All that we savoured here, we haven't tried yet. Luckily, every bite matched to our liking.

Beef & Spinach Pasta (P220), creamy and mild without the satiating effect

Philly Steak Cheese Pizza (P275), sooooo cheesy and creamy

Who says a good pose is not possible while eating? :-)

Peek A Boo! Where's the other half of the pizza?

Must be scrummy, got wiped out easily

Don Henricos
2nd Level Festival Mall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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