Seattle's Best probably sits only next to the most popular coffee shops in town like Starbucks and Figaro. But it lives to its advantage of offering breakfast and light meals best consumed with its own coffee and other beverages. Hence, it also competes against Delifrance and Pancake House in this category. Seattle's got quite a number of choices but relatively more expensive than the later mentioned restos. The meal does not come as a set so you have to order your drinks separately. At any rate, it's still intriguing to try the other options in the menu. Thus, we'll put it in our list of what we called "Our Breakfast Avenue".

Here are your choices...

Clubhouse P140 (best seller in the house); good enough to fill your brunch but not any better to Delifrance's version

Pancake (P88); it's a triple treat giving you enough carbo to start your day

Vanilla Milk Shake (P135) & Brewed Iced Tea (P100)

Seattle's Best Coffee
Caltex, SLEX


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