CAFE MEDITERRANEAN... Sounds Greek to me Food

Got tired of always trying the usual and familiar, excited we feast at Cafe Mediterranean of Sounds Greek To Me Food Corp. Isn't the company name interesting already?, so was the food actually. We would like to try their pizza and sandwiches because they've got real appealing assortment however, it was already dinner time so we opted for the "Gyro Plates". We preferred the buttered rice over pilaf. Tastewise, all is consumed with much gusto. The blend of spices is delightful. What's surprising is the food is also affordable. With the taste and the serving size, we think it is fairly priced. And because of that this deserves another visit from us.

Moussaka with Buttered Rice (P175); the butter mildly flavored the rice giving it a subtle twist and not overpowering. The moussaka is a typical eggplant lasagna, creamy and tasty but also too filling.

Grilled Chicken with Buttered Rice (P160); this is the most preferred dish of the family. The chicken is deliciously spiced up plus the dips and salsa that go with it are superb.

Spicy Pork with Buttered Rice (P190); this is another delectable dish. The pork is juicy matched with the right hotness.

Cafe Mediterranean
Unit 2034-2038 2nd level
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City


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