It's not just PANCAKES

Here's the 3rd entry to our Breakfast Avenue - PANCAKE HOUSE! Those who have tried it may notice that the restaurant's repertoire goes beyond its name. In fact, it's home to most Filipino Favorite breakfast meals. Bangus Bonoan, Tocino, Native Longganisa, Adobo... make your good pick! Although this breakfast house is more popular for its pancake, it also boasts of a huge selection of good, filling morning meals. If you don't feel like going for an extraordinary nor any adventure and you don't want to stress yourself thinking where to go for that morning treat, Pancake house might be the place to visit. Although, we still feel that some foods here are overly priced thus, you have to make sure you order that, which will satisfy you best. For an added value, it's best to try their Tagaytay branch. The ambiance will give some lift to your dining experience.


Anonymous said…
love their adobo sulipan, grilled cheese sandwich and pancakes (esp. the banana caramel walnut & chocolate chip)

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