Saboten - The Best Pork Tonkatsu

Japanese Pork Cutlet fried to crispy perfection with tender meat inside is what best describes Saboten's version of Pork Tonkatsu. This is the primary reason why I personally think Saboten's Pork Tonkatsu is the best in the region. Although I've yet to try the other popular ones I'm happily settled on this brand whenever I crave for a Pork Tonkatsu. The bread crumbs is just right in texture and it complements well with the taste of the meat. It doesn't over power nor oily in after taste unlike the typical ones. The meat is very juicy hence, provides an enjoyable bite. It is best paired with a chilled cabbage salad drizzled with a sesame dressing.
Saboten Special Set - for those who want to try different variations 
Tenderloin Set - see the nice golden brown color of the bread crumbs?
If this is not a completely satisfying meal, I don't know what is. 

IMM Mall, 2 Jurong East St 21 #01-19,
Jurong East, 609601


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