Jakarta in a Day

A hazy day in Jakarta...

The infamous traffic that made me panic whether I will make it to my return flight to Singapore or not. I prayed real hard and thank God I managed to reach the airport just in time for boarding!

After my experience from this trip, traffic in Jakarta is really beyond worse. It's highly unpredictable and terribly bad. I feel sad for the locals who have to endure two hours or more (on average) of traffic condition just to reach their destination on a daily basis. Too much waste of time and energy is an understatement for that.

A restaurant that has a catchy name - Deja Brew ( a play on the word deja vu).
Some of the local foods that my colleagues made me try from this restaurant:

 Rawon Surabaya - similar to the peranakan dish Ayam Buah Keluak

Sop Buntut - close to Bulalo or Nilaga of the Philippines

Ayam Bawang - best enjoyed with a squeeze of lime juice

Nasi Goreng Seafood - I surrendered from the hotness of the chili padis that were incorporated into the rice. How I wish my gastric tolerance can take it but my threshold is very low. So, sadly I passed on this one.

Rice with Tempeh, Salted Egg & Keripik

Except for its high level of hotness, I generally like Indonesian food. They love to use spices and this enhances the taste of the dish to a great extent. The abundance of soupy dish is also something to like about. The Sotos are amazing. For the adventurous foodie, Jakarta is a perfect place to let your palate explore. 


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